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You know you’re frustrated by getting dressed. You’ve tried every wardrobe guide and style book, but they haven’t made things easier for you. You’ve wondered what gene you’re missing that other women have that makes it so easy for them to be “pulled together”. 

What you haven’t stopped to consider is what you actually want to wear. You haven’t stopped to consider what you feel best in. This is because you’ve been getting messages all your life from others about what you should be wearing. Bottom line, it all comes down to the pressures and unrealistic standards women have been expected to conform to. Until you work through how those have manifested in your life, getting dressed won’t ever get easier.

The Making Space group program helps women who’ve always felt dissatisfied with their clothes to feel at home in their own individual authentic style by processing the external expectations they’ve been operating under.

This course goes deep into the meaning of clothing in our lives, the relationship between body image and shopping, and the importance of finding one's authentic space. I cannot recommend it highly enough! Dacy is an outstanding facilitator, a supportive listener, and a wise counselor who will challenge you to trust your own instincts.

— Laurie


Making Space may be a little different than other style courses you've seen.

We won't talk about what to wear to flatter your body

We’ll talk about how you’ve been made to think that your body is wrong because it doesn’t fit arbitrary standards decided by European men in the 15th century. We’ll talk about how to flip that script so that you see that your body is right and it’s the clothes that are wrong.

We won’t talk about what your best colors are.

We’ll talk about defining your style in an authentic way, the style that comes from within, not from rules imposed from outside expectations.

We won’t learn arbitrary rules about how long to keep an item or when to get rid of it.

We’ll go gently into the reasons why holding on to clothing is a form of holding yourself to a previous life’s standards, or means that you haven’t accepted yourself as you are.

You won't get a list of “must have” items for your closet.

We’ll look at the ways that capitalism has created our need for a constant stream of new clothing and how marketing exploits our feelings of unworthiness to get us to buy the latest trend.

 “The absolute best thing Dacy did for me was that she made it about the clothes. It was never about my body”


"Dacy's realistic, relevant, and accepting of each individual's personal styles, and helped me to identify my style-something I had never really thought about. I was skeptical of the group learning approach, and found it was the very best way to learn. My group was amazing and super fun."


"I didn't realize how much time/energy I had been spending staring at my closet until I got it organized and also did some reflection on the clothes I have, why I have them, whether I should keep them, and what types of things I should bring into my closet in the future."


"Dacy led us through this course with the perfect mix of tough love and gentle encouragement! The course is clearly designed, and you will be excited by what you already HAVE in your closet when you're done."



"Making Space is a great course for anyone who wants to un-complicate their wardrobe. What I love about this course, and Dacy’s approach, is that it’s not about the clothes, it’s about you, the wearer in the clothes, and the life those clothes will be a part of. Since going through this process, I feel empowered to let go of the clothes that don’t serve me or my lifestyle, and I’m better equipped to figure out the hangups I have about what’s hanging in my closet."


(Psst...in case you're wondering, your closet *won't* look like this after the program. This is a highly staged marketing photo taken in my living room on a flimsy wardrobe rack. 😂 But you *will* be able to let go of all the clothing that's been making you feel bad about yourself for years.)

It’s more important than ever to acknowledge the ways white supremacy and patriarchy have created unreasonable standards for how we are expected to present ourselves, compare ourselves to each other, and achieve perfection. In Making Space, we’ll work through every aspect of your wardrobe through this lens.

I'm committed to building an anti-racist business. You can view my anti-racist small business plan here. Ten percent of ALL mindful closet profits (including those from this course) go towards Jamaa Birth Village, an equal access midwifery clinic dedicated to celebrating cultural heritage in a community care setting and combatting racial & health inequities.

The next group round of the Making Space program

will take place in October 2021


The Making Space program includes videos, a 30-page workbook, group support, and weekly live group calls.

A note: in the past, the group discussion has happened in a private Facebook group. I'm trying to divest from Facebook as much as possible, so the discussion will happen on Circle.

The format

The course is broken into four modules, hosted in Thinkific. In each class, there is a video to watch, workbook exercises to complete, and homework for you to do in your closet. The program itself is 8 weeks long. There will be a discussion group and a weekly live call.

The curriculum

Module 1: Define your why, your style, and take inventory  

Module 2: How to edit step-by-step

Module 3: Overcoming common stumbling blocks  

Module 4: Organizing and continuing the momentum mindfully 

The group aspect

In the group setting, you’ll have space to share your own frustrations (spoiler alert: you’re never the only one) and get my feedback on your specific situation because no one rule fits all. In addition, we'll meet weekly on a live zoom call where you can ask me about anything you're struggling with.

Cost: $597

Past participants said:

"I think other women should take this course because, firstly, Dacy is awesome, and secondly it’s like therapy for all things clothing and wardrobe related. No matter your goals or particular issues regarding clothes, anyone can benefit from critically thinking about how the clothing in your closet may be dragging you down and what you can do to create a wardrobe that suits your life and your needs."

- Cassie

"This class helped me determine my style preferences, figure out how to move toward that look and generally improve my appearance, and was immensely supportive in helping me eliminate all the items in my closet not moving toward that goal. Dressing is less stressful and I look better and my home is a bit less cluttered. The class took some time. You have to put some serious effort into it. I found it well worth the time, effort, and initial cost. In fact, I'm pretty sure in the long run it saved me time, effort, and money!"

- Sheryll

"I was able to gain confidence in the knowledge of what works for me. I removed clothing from my life that hasn't been serving me and removed the burden of sorting through wardrobe disappointments. I cannot recommend this course enough! It's truly freeing to have a closet that has clothes that I need and I have vetted every item.

Making Space offers a great opportunity to hear about similar struggles, but I also learned from others' unique problems. There is a camaraderie working with other women who have been through different life stages and offer perspective. And support was needed when we came across hurdles that we couldn't get over on our own; the group validated the concerns and shared helpful mantras or work-throughs."

- Emily

Don't worry, we'll get to pragmatic wardrobe advice too.

How to identify unhealthy shopping patterns, shift your shopping behavior, and how to "do" ethical fashion (and what that even is).

How to deal with transitional periods in your life (suddenly working from home, pregnancy and postpartum, career shifts) and the weight fluctuations that may accompany them (which is totally normal, btw).

How to organize your closet to eliminate decision fatigue, which ultimately makes getting dressed easier.


 "Dacy creates a wonderful atmosphere to connect and share our wardrobe woes and questions with other women. I was not alone in this journey! Through her lead, the ultimate destination is feeling comfortable with what clothing I have decided to keep  and what I may add in the future. With respect to shopping, I learned a great deal about how to shop online.  This has helped me curb most of my impulse shopping!  I realize I can think an item of clothing is great looking without the need to own it . . . hmmm - what a concept!" 


mindset shifts.

Shift your thinking about your body and your clothes through the making space program


Accept where you are in your body and your life.

Stop validating the story that bodies should never change.


Learn to listen to your inner voice

The one telling you when you feel good, the one that says "aaah, this is me".


Let go of thinking that getting dressed is hard.

It doesn't have to be complicated.


Allow yourself to wear the things that light you up.

Not just what you've been told you *should* wear because of the size or shape of your body.


Realize that you deserve clothes that fit and make you feel good

Women often put themselves and their needs last. It's a form of self care to make sure that you have clothes that bring you joy.

The next group round of the Making Space program

will be offered in October 2021.


I’m Dacy (it's like Stacy but with a D).

I'm a former classical musician who hated performing. I’m an introvert who loves people but hates talking on the phone. I love to eat but hate meal planning and I love to shop but hate spending money. 

I grew up in Mobile, Alabama, but have also lived in Portland, Houston, NYC, and Miami. I currently live in St. Louis with my husband and two little boys.

Unlike other personal stylists, I’m not going to tell you what the latest trends are and what to buy. My specialty is asking the questions that make you realize you already know what you want to wear, but you haven’t been listening to yourself because the voices around you are louder than yours.

You’ve been wearing things for all the wrong reasons, and you know it, but you need someone to call you on it. That's me.

I used to keep up with every Paris fashion show and spend all my energy trying to make sure my appearance showed that I *knew* about fashion and the latest trends. When I finally realized that wearing what I actually *felt* good in was so much easier and more effortless, I ended up applying that to lots of other areas in my life.

Since then, I’ve helped hundreds of one-on-one clients and thousands of readers let go of the external messages they’ve been given about what they should wear and make way for a simpler, more authentic way of expressing their style.

The patriarchy has imposed beauty standards on women with the result of our spending our energy on things that make us feel bad about ourselves. Getting dressed can be something that’s simple and leaves our energy for more important things (like breaking down the patriarchy) 😉



I’m already pretty into fashion and clothes, will this course be helpful for me?

I’ve had many clients who love clothes get lots of value out of working together. We get caught up in our own thoughts and patterns and need an outside perspective. Even coaches need coaches. Physical trainers need physical trainers. Therapists need therapists.

Do I need to be minimalist or an aspiring minimalist to take this course?

Nope, although you might be surprised by how flexible my definition of minimalism is. To me, minimalism is loving and using everything you own. Do you want to get to a place of loving and using all your clothes? If so, this course is for you.

I’m really overwhelmed with life right now. I don’t think I can take on anything else.

I totally get it. Sometimes you just can’t. But if something has always bugged you about getting dressed and you’re sick of ignoring that annoying voice in your head telling you what you should be wearing, it might actually free up some energy to work through that. How much more time and energy would you have if you didn’t feel self conscious about your clothes or what you look like?

With so much going on in the world today, it’s superficial to think of clothes right now.

Clothing can be an artistic outlet and form of expression. It’s not superficial to listen to your own needs and do everything in your power to feel the best that you can about yourself. If you can do that, only then will you have the capacity to help others. 

How much time do I need to devote to the class?

It’s going to vary for everyone, but on average, you should be prepared to devote at least 1-2 hours a week to the work. 

How is the program delivered?

You’ll get an email each week with a link to the course website, where you’ll be able to watch the week’s videos, download the correlating worksheets, and discuss the week's work with other participants.

How many people will be in the class?

I want to be able to communicate with every member of the class, so class size will be limited.  

Do I need to have watched the class and done the work by the time of the live call? 

You can follow along with the group and have the exercises done by the time we discuss them, or you can go entirely at your own speed. 

Can guys take this class?

Nope. For this class, we’re going to focus a lot on the messages we’ve gotten from others about what we as women should be wearing, and we want to have a safe space for sharing.

I can't justify spending money on a course when what I really need is new clothes.

It’s tough not to feel some scarcity around all of our resources right now. However, how much money have you spent in the past on clothing that didn't work? If you do the work of figuring out what you really want and need to wear, you'll actually save money in the long run.

"This course offered me more than I expected. I gained important self-awareness about my shopping habits and current wardrobe; was able to refresh my style and focus my wardrobe on that style; and am now on a path for less spending, more intentional purchases and a wardrobe that brings me joy, with a style that fits me and I feel good in!"

- Alice

"This course (and Dacy!) helped me define my style, release unnecessary clothing, and shop with intent for clothes that make me feel confident. Dacy's expertise—her balanced compassion and directness—are invaluable! If you struggle with your wardrobe, your style, your shopping habits or just getting dressed, take this course. You won't regret it!"

- Kristen

"Making Space is a fantastic course to get you started on simplifying not only your wardrobe but also your life. I’m so glad I participated in this group/course. Dacy is extremely knowledgeable about how to clean out your closet and teaches you to only keep what you love. She’s also very insightful on the common issues that women struggle with in regards to clothing and is able to get you thinking about these issues in your own life. Great course! Highly recommend!"

- Erin


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