If there's one thing I want you to know, it's this: getting dressed doesn’t have to be stressful. 

What if I told you that it didn’t have to be like this? That you could live that capsule wardrobe life you’ve always wanted? The only thing holding you back is that closet full of clothes you don't wear.  

Making Space is a comprehensive, live 4 week course to help you move towards a minimalist wardrobe. This is the help you need to finally let go of all of those items that aren't serving you.  

  • Define your personal style
  • Identify poor shopping habits that contribute to a chaotic wardrobe
  • Create actionable goals on editing your closet with my step-by-step instructions 
  • Overcome barriers that keep you from letting go
  • Create a wardrobe that fits your life

Weekly Video Content

Actionable Workbooks

Private Community

Making Space is not for people who… 

Aren’t ready for self-reflection  

Can’t imagine being minimalist  

Aren’t ready to take on a new challenge

Do you dream of having a minimal, clean closet with a wardrobe made up of only pieces you love? 

The biggest piece of feedback I’ve gotten from my one-on-one clients over the last four years is that they felt so much lighter after I helped them let go of all of the random articles of clothing that weren’t working for them. All of a sudden, before we even bought any new clothes, getting dressed became a lot easier. We think we need to hold onto all those old things to have options, but the truth is, they’re only obscuring what we need to be able to see. 

In the Making Space course, we’ll work through all of the emotional blocks that are keeping you from letting go.  

I really appreciated your calm, cool demeanor and kind way of handling the clothes I had and the issues I had with them. I never once felt embarrassed or uncomfortable. You are great at putting someone at ease in what is obviously a really personal situation.  


Before Dacy came to organize my closet, it was full of things that didn't fit me properly, that I didn't like much, and that offered almost nothing in the way of versatility for my life. Her process is so streamlined to determine her clients' individual needs and style - I felt like I learned so much about myself as I answered her insightful questions. After an efficient and painless process of purging my closet of what didn't work, suddenly the clothes that remained had new life! 


Thank you Dacy for helping me clarify my style and revise my closet. I wake up every morning to a closet of clothes that makes me smile because it expresses a unified personality, mine, and is uncluttered with things that no longer express who I am. I am more peaceful when choosing clothes for the day and. there is a joy in my heart when I walk out my front door.


Making Space is currently closed and will reopen in spring 2018

Hi, I'm Dacy, the personal stylist behind mindful closet and your Making Space instructor. If there's one thing I want you to know, it's this: getting dressed doesn’t have to be stressful. There is a better way to approach your closet and I love helping people get there.  

I work with people who are ready for a change. Together, we bring out their style in a peaceful, strategic and most importantly, mindful way. The more clients I work with, the more I realized that I had a particular strength in showing people how to let go of what doesn't serve them. 

 I wasn't always so good at letting go myself. Five years ago, I had a closet full of clothes and two full wardrobe racks in the basement and couldn't resist a bargain. Through lots of mindful reflection, I figured out where the issues were and now I can pack my whole wardrobe in a carry-on. 

Are you ready to make space?

Making Space is currently closed and will reopen in spring 2018


The course is four weeks long. In each class, there is a video to watch, workbook exercises to complete, and homework for you to do in your closet. There will also be a private Facebook group where I’ll be checking in on you and you can share about your progress with the other class members. Every week, I’ll do a Facebook Live session in the private group to answer any specific questions that may have come up for you during the week’s work.  

By the end of the four weeks, you should have a wardrobe filled with only things you wear and feel good in. The course will take you through the exact process I use with my one-on-one closet cleanse clients ($350 and up).  

Week 1: Define your why, your style, and take inventory  

Week 2: How to edit step-by-step  

Week 3: Overcoming common stumbling blocks  

Week 4: Organizing and continuing the momentum mindfully


How much time do I need to devote to the class? It’s going to vary for everyone, but on average, you should be prepared to devote at least 2-3 hours a week to the work.  

How is the program delivered? You’ll get an email each week with a link to the course website, where you’ll be able to watch the week’s videos and download the correlating worksheets.  

How many people will be in the class? I want to be able to communicate with every member of the class, so class size will be limited.  

Do I need to have watched the class and done the work by the time of the Facebook Live discussion? You can follow along with the group and have the exercises done by the time we discuss them in the FB group, or you can go entirely at your own speed.  

Can guys take this class? Nope. For this class, we’re going to focus a lot on the messages we’ve gotten from others about what we as women should be wearing, and we want to have a safe space for sharing. 

It’s such a relief to have a more consolidated wardrobe, to know what pieces I need to focus on, and to know which pieces I should avoid. 


I have felt so much better about my clothes, and I continue to let go of pieces that don’t work for me anymore.


Eliminating clothes from my closet could have been tragically painful. Instead it seemed like the easiest decisions I had made in a long time. Dacy helped me find the freedom of owning less.