Are you being tempted by things you don't need? You need a #purchasepause.

Change your mindset from being influenced by external influences to relying on your internal decision making ability.

mindful consumption means that you think intentionally about each purchase you make. The mindful closet #purchasepause will help keep you accountable 

  • Email every few days with short, actionable steps to help you detach from shopping temptations
  • Accountability in the mindful closet community
  • Easy to follow guidelines 
  • Build the pause into your future puchases

Are you ready to pause?



What things are ok to buy? Household and toiletry products that you run out of (no stockpiling). One or two planned purchases that you know you’ll need to make during the time frame of the pause. Planned and intentional holiday gifts. 

What's not ok to buy? Any other clothes, shoes, household items, or toiletries.  

What if I mess up and buy something? It's a learning process for all of us. Do your best and learn from your mistakes.